WordPress Custom Post Types for Better Content Management

By Andy T. Laird

Seeking to enhance your CMS with added functionality and flexibility? Look no further than WordPress Custom Post Types.

Custom Post Types Lairdpage Services

LairdPage Custom Post Type Services

Are you tired of using the same old post types on your WordPress website? Do you want to add more functionality and flexibility to your CMS (content management system)? Then, you need WordPress Custom Post Types. At LairdPage, we specialise in creating CPT that match your specific business requirements. In this article, we’ll give you a comprehensive guide on how it works, and why you need it.

What are WordPress Custom Post Types?

Imagine you’re a chef and you have a fantastic recipe for a cake. You have all the necessary ingredients. However, you soon realise that you don’t have the right type of pan to make it. You could still make it but it won’t be the cake you envisioned. This is similar to WordPress custom post types. WordPress CMS comes with standard posts and pages. However, there maybe times when you need a more customised layout to showcase specific types of content. That’s why we use WordPress custom post types.

WordPress custom post types allow you to create new posts, each with its own set of parameters. Think of it as having a different type of pan for each cake recipe. With custom post types, you can create tailored post types for specific content. Such as: events, testimonials, products, or just about anything that doesn’t fit neatly into the standard post types.

It is a WordPress feature that enables you to create custom post types for your WordPress website. By default, WordPress only comes with two types: posts and pages. However, with Custom Post Types, you can create your own post types with unique names, slugs, and attributes.

For example, if you have a real estate website, you can create a custom post type of properties, with custom fields for price, location, and square footage. Or, if you run a restaurant website, you can create a custom post type for menus, with custom fields for dishes, prices, and ingredients.

Why Use WordPress Custom Post Types?

Here are some interesting reasons to consider WordPress Custom Post Type for your website:

  • Better organisation: they allow you to better organise your content. You can organize your posts into categories based on topics, types, or any other criteria for your website.
  • Control and flexibility: give you better control and flexibility over your website’s content. You can add custom fields, taxonomies, and other attributes which aren’t available on standard post types.
  • Improved user experience: By making it easier for users to find the content they’re looking for, custom post types can improve the user experience on your website.

How to create custom post types in WordPress?

With the right tools and expertise is relatively easy. Here are the basic steps involved:

  • Define your custom post type: Decide on the name, slug, and attributes for your custom post type. You can use a plugin like Custom Post Type UI or create your own code.
  • Add custom fields and taxonomies: Use a plugin like Advanced Custom Fields or create your own code to add custom fields and taxonomies to your post type.
  • Display your custom post type: Use a short code, widget, or custom template to display your custom post type on your website.
WordPress Custom Post Types LairdPage


At LairdPage, we have a team of expert developers who can help you create custom posts that meet your unique business needs. It offers a more flexible and organised approach to content management, allowing you to create custom pages that match your specific business requirements. Did we forget to mention Kadence theme works extremely well wet combined with custom post types! Contact us today to learn more about our WordPress Development services.

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