Godaddy: Is GoDaddy The Best Domain Name Registrar?

By Andy T. Laird

GoDaddy is a prominent domain registrar offering a wide selection of domain names and related services. Known for its user-friendly platform,

Godaddy Review

So you’ve finally decided to get that domain name and build your website. Fantastic! You’ve heard about GoDaddy Domain name registrar. Even better! But you’re not sure if GoDaddy is the right registrar for you or how to get that domain. In this article we’ll explain everything you need to know about GoDaddy – followed by a step by step guide to getting that domain name you’ve always wanted.

GoDaddy is one of the biggest domain name registrars worldwide, and have more than 50 million domains under their management. I highly recommend them! After all – I’ve been buying domains from them for almost 20 years.

Why does GoDaddy Own so Many Domains?

They don’t own the domains. They are a registrar for ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Think of GoDaddy as the middle man with additional services such as a user interface to manage dns records, emails etc. The domain name is yours until you stop renewing it.

How Much is it to Buy a Domain?

I have found them to be one of the most competitive domain registrars around. The cost would be dependent on these factors:

  • The domain name extension i.e., .com, .org, .net etc
  • Keyword Popularity
  • Length of Contract
  • Privacy and Protection
  • Other add-ons

In general, the cost of a domain is usually between $10 – $20 per year. GoDaddy regularly run promotions so it’s easy to get an affordable domain.

Godaddy Pros

  • A simple and intuitive interface
  • Competitive pricing on domain names
  • A wide range of top-level domains
  • Integration with website building tools
  • Godaddy provides 24/7 customer support

Godaddy Cons

  • Known for its aggressive upselling
  • Hosting plans come with limited storage
  • Users have reported slow load times
  • Renewal prices higher than purchase price
  • Hosting platform can be confusing

Godaddy Comparison

When comparing GoDaddy to other domain registrars in terms of pricing and features, here is what the search results reveal:

  1. Pricing: GoDaddy is often praised for its competitive pricing. It offers top-level domains for as low as $1.99 per year. However, it’s important to note that while the initial prices may be low, GoDaddy’s renewal fees can be significantly higher. Additionally, GoDaddy tends to push extra services that can increase the overall cost. It’s advisable to carefully compare prices and consider the long-term costs before making a decision.
  2. Features: GoDaddy offers a wide range of domain-related features. It is known for having an extensive set of features compared to other registrars. These features include domain privacy protection, a variety of domain extensions to choose from, and additional services like website creation and marketing tools. However, it’s worth noting that some other registrars may offer simpler pricing structures and comparable features.

Pricing Summary:

  • GoDaddy offers low initial prices but higher renewal fees.
  • Extra services can increase the overall cost.
  • It’s important to compare prices and consider long-term costs.


  • GoDaddy offers a wide range of domain-related features.
  • These features include domain privacy protection and various domain extensions.
  • Other registrars may offer simpler pricing structures and comparable features.

Ultimately, the choice of a domain registrar depends on individual needs and preferences. It’s recommended to thoroughly research and compare different registrars to find the one that best suits your requirements.

Should I buy a Hosting Package?

Although they’ve earned their place as the world’s #1 ICANN-accredited domain registrar we don’t use their hosting plans. I highly recommend keeping your domains separate from your hosting. This gives you the flexibility to switch hosting providers, while all your domains remain under one roof. I’ve lost count on how many times I have changed my hosting provider! Let’s be honest – Godaddy hosting is slow. Really slow! There are much better hosting providers out there offering SSD Cloud servers at amazing prices! See who we recommend for the best hosting provider in 2021

So who do we recommend: 10 Reasons Why We Switched to Cloudways Hosting

GoDaddy Domain Name Registrar Guide

It may get a little daunting when you find that the names you want have already been taken. The obvious answer is to think outside of the box.Brainstorm a list of names then start your domain name search. Try to make it short and easy to remember. Avoid hyphens and I recommend you get the .com. If it’s not available think about changing the name. When the name you want is available click ‘continue to cart

Choose the Add-Ons You Need?

On the next screen you will be offered domain name privacy. This hides personal information from anyone searching for the owner of a domain. I no longer choose this as it saves money and shows transparency on my website. Ignore all the add-ons and options (including email), scroll to the bottom and click ‘continue to cart

Purchase Your Domain Name

Before proceeding to checkout carefully review your purchase summary! How many years are you purchasing the domain for? I usually choose one if it’s my first domain! The last step is to provide your billing information and create an account. Add a valid payment, review one last time and purchase. Once GoDaddy has received your payment you will receive a confirmation by email. Congratulations. You have now taken ownership of a new domain name

What do you get from GoDaddy?

  • Simple domain set up which doesn’t need any technical skills.
  • Up to 100 subdomains for more custom web addresses
  • Real-time monitoring to make sure you’re always up and running
  • Quick, simple tools to forward your domains to any existing website
  • World-class support from our web pros standing by ready to assist

GoDaddy Review – Support

For support you can contact Go Daddy’s customer service representatives on the phone or via email. Don’t expect that little extra personal touch as they are providing support to millions of users.

My Personal Feedback

Having embarked on my web development journey many years ago, GoDaddy has been my go-to domain registrar, and my personal experience with them has been largely positive. Their platform offers a wide range of domain options, making it easy to find the perfect domain name for my projects. Over the years, I have found their customer support to be responsive and helpful, readily assisting with any inquiries or issues I’ve encountered. Despite trying out other domain registrars, I have remained loyal to GoDaddy due to the reliability and ease they consistently provide. As I continue to develop websites and expand my online presence, I can confidently say that GoDaddy will remain an essential part of my web development toolkit.

Godaddy Domains Review

by Andy T. Laird

Don’t hesitate to get your domain from GoDaddy! I’ve had an account with them for many years without any issues. I still consider them the best for domain names.


Price and Value

Ease of Use

Customer Support


I’ve had an account with them for many years without any issues. I still consider them the best for domain names.



If you get any hosting promotions from Godaddy – I suggest you pass! If you would like to know more about website design and development drop me an email. I’m always happy to help!